MODEL 3423
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Basic specifications
Measurement range 20 to 200,000 lx full-scale, 5 ranges
Accuracy ±4 % rdg. ±1 dgt. (environment temperature; 23 ±5 °C)
Display 1999 full digits, LCD with EL backlight   (However, in the 20,000 lx range, the maximum is 19990 /10 digits steps, and in the 200,000 lx range, the maximum is 199900 /100 digits steps)
Response time 5 sec. or less (auto range), 2 sec. or less (manual range)
Receptor element Silicon photodiode
Other functions Sensor separate:Permits remote measurement with the sensor separated from the main unit.(using the 9436)
Analog output:200 mV DC at full scale rate
Power supply R6P(AA) × 2 (Continuous use of 25 hours) or AC adapter (6 V, 300 mA)
Dimensions, mass 74 mm(2.91 in)W × 170 mm(6.69 in)H × 30 mm(1.18 in)D, 310 g (10.9 oz)... (including the dry cells)
Accessories CARRYING CASE 9376 (1), Sensor cap (1), R6P batteries (2)
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